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Black Label Bars
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Masculine, sleek and down to business is what our Black Label is all about. Step back and invision what your blacked out bar will look like in your man cave with your favirite sports team logo on the front. When the remote controlled multi-color lights are on and you are enjoying the game with a few friends, this bar steals the show. 
Its no wonder that we are the leading builder of residential bars in the Southeast US. Solid wood construction and the finest assembly process will make this bar last a lifetime. 


Pricing 2023
4' $1,100.00 Saloon       $1,300.00 XLR/XLL
5'  $1,400.00 Saloon     $1,600.00 XLR/XLL
6' $1,700.00 Saloon      $1,900.00 XLR/XLL
7' $2,000.00 Saloon     $2,200.00 XLR/XLL
8' 2,300.00 Saloon       $2,500.00 XLR/XLL

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