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Custom Solid Wood Shutters

Home is not only where the heart is, its also where the shutters are. Our board and batten shutters are all hand made right here in our shop. Every shutter is cut and measured to your specific requirements. 
Cowboys' shutters are made from Pine,Poplar and ashwulder. 
You can have three or two boards up or down. You can also have any stain color you want.
Call now to place your order.


All Shutters Feature:
-Board and Batten Design
-Three Board or Two Boards


Shutter Options:
-Delivery and Installation* (S

Standard Height 36"
Optional Heights  72", 84", 96"

Fall 2022 Pricing

Pine: $150.00 Per Shutter Unstained Unpainted

Poplar: $175.00 Per Shutter
Unsted Unpainted

Ashwood: $199.00 Per Shutter
Unstained Unpainted


72"Board and Batten Shutters
Wood: White Pine  | Stained: Minwax Dark Walnut
Place: Mobile, Al

66"Board and Batten Shutters
Wood: White Pine  | Stained: Pewter Paint
Place: Marietta, Georgia

About Pine Wood
The advantages of using pine timber. If you're looking for an affordable material that can be used for used for a wide range of construction projects, then pine is the answer for you. It has the strength to support a residential frame construction, but is a soft wood, making it malleable and easy to work with.

About Cedar Wood
Cedar is a naturally rot resistant wood type, it is commonly used in outdoor things like: patio furniture, fences, planter boxes, bird houses, etc. It also keeps bugs away, you can protect your blankets or other long-term storage items from bug damage.

About Cypress Wood
Cypress wood contains a natural preservative that is both rot and insect resistant. ...Cypress is also a very stable wood, with little shrinking or swelling throughout the changing seasons. .

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