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Classic Stained Bars

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Ok so here is the deal.....We are famous for our reclaimed classic bars, but maybe you would like to have your bar match your floor or a piece of furniture in your home or office. That's where our classic stained bars really excel. We can match your decor using stains that blend to your particaluar taste buds. Yes these bars are more expensive, but whe you want your bar to compliment your decor in a certain color pattern, then this bar is what you are looking for. Let's get your order placed today, so you can begin enjoying that cowboy lifestyle tomorrow. 

-Solid Birch-wood base and lighting are optional.
-LED Lights Optional
*Additional charge may apply for certain color options. 

4' $1,100.00  Saloon    $1,300.00 XLL/XLR
5' $1,400.00  Saloon    $1,600.00 XLL/XLR
6' $1,700.00 Saloon     $1,900.00 XLL/XLR
7' $2,000.00  Saloon    $2,200.00 XLL/XLR
8' $2,300.00 Saloon      $2,500.00 XLL/XLR

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