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Exodus Bar Series

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Exodus by Cowboy Jeff is the perfect bar that achieves that unique balance between modern sensibility and traditional rustic lines.
The design inspiration comes from traditional farm house doors popular in the late 1800's. Each bar is truly a unique undertaking with its own personality. Bespoke hand built lines are the hallmark of Exodus. 
Go ahead and select yor size and stain option today.


-Solid Birch-wood base and lighting are optional.
-LED Lights Optional
*Additional charge may apply for certain color options. 

4' $1,100.00  Saloon    $1,300.00 XLL/XLR
5' $1,400.00  Saloon    $1,600.00 XLL/XLR
6' $1,700.00 Saloon     $1,900.00 XLL/XLR
7' $2,000.00  Saloon    $2,200.00 XLL/XLR
8' $2,300.00 Saloon      $2,500.00 XLL/XLR

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