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Gatsby Pub Style Bar
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The year is 1926, you are on the southside of Chicago at one of top Dahlonoes Speakeasy. It's  the height of prohibition and you and your friends are having the time of your life. Jazz music is playing in the background and the good times are rolling.  Now you can have that traditional pub in your home. The Gatsby is both modern and traditional at the same time. With its accented Poplar or Oak rail, it has the swag to transform your space into something special. Options include a traditional gold, silver or black footrest, LED lights cabinets and doors 
Lets get the good times rolling in your home, order your Gatsby styled bar today from Cowboy Builds.  (678)883-4297


Pricing 2023
4' $1,100.00 Saloon       $1,300.00 XLR/XLL
5'  $1,400.00 Saloon     $1,600.00 XLR/XLL
6' $1,700.00 Saloon      $1,900.00 XLR/XLL
7' $2,000.00 Saloon     $2,200.00 XLR/XLL
8' 2,300.00 Saloon       $2,500.00 XLR/XLL

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