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Cowboy and his team are going modern with our new designs for residential and commercial bars. You are simply going to love the "can't nobody tell me nothin" look of these bars. The bars take on the theme of the art deco years of the Harlem Renaissance and then adds a modern spin to the design.
You can have this bar series in sizes ranging from 4ft up to 8ft standard. You can even order this series in a custom length of your choice.
What makes this series even more special is that you can have it painted in "any color"
* That's right! we can color match your bar to the colors of your favorite sports team, or the color of your car, you can have it!
-Solid Birch-wood base and lighting are optional.
-LED Lights Optional
*Additional charge may apply for certain color options. 

4' $1,100.00  Saloon    $1,300.00 XLL/XLR
5' $1,400.00  Saloon    $1,600.00 XLL/XLR
6' $1,700.00 Saloon     $1,900.00 XLL/XLR
7' $2,000.00  Saloon    $2,200.00 XLL/XLR
8' $2,300.00 Saloon      $2,500.00 XLL/XLR

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