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Pantry & Closet Shelving

Pantry & Closet Shelving
$55 Per Linear Foot
(Includes Installation)
Profile:  2” or 3”
Depth: 12” to 24”   

$75 Measurement & Consultation Fee

Everyone wants those white wire standard builders shelves gone or a cupboard in their pantry and closet area. The standard white wire shelves are notorious for collapsing in the middle of the night and not being able to support a lot of weight, in addition they really don’t look that great. Our pantry and fireplace shelving looks awesome. Each shelf is handmade and hand stained. Each shelf is constructed of three-quarter inch plywood with a 2 inch or 3 inch front lip.


Pantry shelves  can be installed from 12” in depth up to  24” without any up charges.

We charge $75 to come out and do custom measurements. If you provide the measurements there is no site visit in advance of the installation date and no additional charge

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