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The Art of Installing A Reclaimed Wood Ceiling

Not all of my projects are as complex as this 350 sq ft ceiling, but I'm always up for a challenge. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than when I see the smile on a customers face when a project is coming together as planned. My approach to building using reclaimed materials is very different from a typical "contractor". I'm more artist than woodworker and more woodworker than carpenter. This project was completed recently in Canton, Georgia. The designed presented some real challenges. Problem number 1 was I literally had to work over head looking up to complete the project. Problem #2, the ceiling had a few coffers measuring different heights and widths., so literally every single board had to be cut and mitered on site. Finally the look had to be spectacular......which basically means that I had to calculate the directional flow of the boards based on a visual, aesthetic and material quality. In short, when the client or guest looks up at the ceiling, the response we wanted was WOW!. or Damn! or I'm speechless. We pulled it off in 8 days. The client was super cool and gave me lots of space and room to be creative so that's always a plus.

What I learned from this project:

If you decide to take on a project like this yourself, here are a few crib notes to work from: 1. Start with good pallets, dry, dry dry and clean. 2. Use backing between the pallet material and drywall 3. If you are staining, apply the stain and sealer before you apply the boards. 4. Apply construction glue instead of nails to the smaller pieces to prevent splitting. 5. Apply clear or white construction glue to seams to close gaps and increase the natural beauty of the wood.

6. Be patient and be willing to accept the fact this will be harder than it looks. LOL Few things give me greater satisfaction than rolling out of bed everyday and getting to create creative magic for my clients. God, Family, Horses and doesn't get any better. If you have a project that you would like for me to consider. Text or Call (404)430-1897 me today. I will be glad to help. Cowboy Jeff

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