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Rustic Man Cave Basement Bars are Super Popular and Beautiful

I design lots of special rustic pieces for customers all over the place, but some really stand out from others. Rustic bars fit into the category of being extra special to design and build. They are beautiful and functional, but also provide a central point in a room where old friends and new friends can come together and bond. Recently we designed a 12 ft bar for a customer in Braselton, Georgia. We consider this bar as being among our finest builds to date. The client had three must have requests for this project : 

1. He had to have the lights underneath the bar 

2. It had to accommodate his kegerator 

3. One end needed to be closed off with a "tavern style" flip counter. 

I'm happy to report that the project was a home run. 

95% of this bar was built in the Cowboy Builds workshop at our Kennesaw, Georgia location. We then transported it to Braselton for the install. When we arrived on the site, we off loaded the bar in a patio area next to the clients basement level door. To make the job easier, the customer granted my Cowboys permission to drive our 4x4 into the back yard to access the rear door of the home. We made our final cuts on the patio before bringing the bar into the basement. The Kegerator was a little longer at the base than average, so we added a 5” platform that would support the weight of the unit. We also added vertical supports underneath the bar to provide additional structural reinforcement. One of the advantages of a custom built bar versus a factory model, is that you can make it any size you want. We designed the bar in two pieces to make it easy to get thru the door of their home. The base unit measured 22” deep, so getting it thru the door was a walk in the pasture. Finally we installed the customers flip arm. The flip arm measured 36” long, giving the bartender plenty of room to work. 

Finally; we installed the under counter lighting package, secured the low profile bar topper and applied a few coats of poly to the top of the bar to protect the wood for liquids. I almost forgot. We attached the Walnut stained foot rest to give the bar a contemporary but rustic look.

The customers Brother and Sister-in-Law came by while we where installing and they gave the Cowboy Build a thumbs up as well. The Man Cave bar has quickly become a signature product for us and for good reason. Every home deserves a place where family can come together to create lasting memories.  Cowboy Jeff 404-430-1897

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